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AZCR Staffing is committed to understanding your needs and providing customized solutions to fulfill those needs.

We help you get the job done, and done right, by

  • Providing the right fully qualified candidate every time
    • Skills Tested
    • Background Checked
      • Drug Testing,
      • Immigration Compliance Check
  • Maintaining a personal connection for immediate access
  • Offering on site check in and/or supervision
  • Providing custom timekeeping & billing
  • Utilize your existing systems if desired

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Looking for Staff?

Why Companies Utilize Our Services:

  • Unexpected Increase in Business,
  • Savings on Wage & Benefits Cost,
  • Fill Vacancies for Employees Absence
    • Assistance in Peak Times,
    • Screen Job Candidates,
    • Special Projects,
    • Gain Specialized Expertise,
    • Seasonal Needs,
    • Reduce Liability Risk,
    • Payroll Assistance & Financing
We are a fresh-minded company offering innovative staffing solutions.