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Our Process

The goal of every project at AZCR Staffing is to provide specialized tradesmen & laborers to service the needs of any commercial or residential project, seeing it through from start to finish.

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While consultation begins even before a project begins, we continue to provide detailed updates for our clients, showing project progress, and pinpointing any project challenges. We are comfortable performing turnkey construction services, or we will integrate our staff to work with our clients’ appointed General Managers.


We provide detailed project recommendations, indicating the materials, personnel, safety requirements, permits and other resources needed to complete the construction project, based on our client consultations.


Our planning stems from our client consultation and the project evaluation. We work vigorously with our clients to ensure that challenges are accounted for and mitigated without effecting project flow. Our tradesmen & laborers are keenly aware of goals, timelines, and project parameters and they work hard to exceed expectations.


We recruit only the best skilled tradesmen & laborers. Our candidates are experienced and able to think on their feet with efficiency and skill. All employees hold certifications in their trades, kept current by our online employee portal. Our recruits wear the AZCR Staffing name with pride, as they help to reshape our communities.


Every recruit with AZCR Staffing is either already trained and certified, or receives the proper training and certifications required for a job. Our executive staff works personally with our clients HR, Safety and/or Administrative personnel to ensure that every training requirement is met and documented throughout the project.

Onsite Management

AZCR Staffing provides onsite staff management, including GM services, safety reporting, HR services and more. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that our recruits are getting the job done to spec and on time.


The Account Management Team at AZCR Staffing works directly with our clients key personnel to document and report construction projects, tasks, personnel, certifications, safety & health requirements, and any other information required. We provide regular reports and can also pull reports on-demand.

We are a fresh-minded company offering innovative staffing solutions.